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caps and hats

Caps and hats varies a lot.


Assorted by use, there are snow hats, rain hats, sun visors , safety helmet, dustproof hat, sleeping hat, work cap, travel cap, hat.

Assorted by users, there are man hat, woven hat, children cap, minority nationality hat, couple hat, cowboy hat, sailor hat, army cap, policeman cap, career hat.

By material, there are leather hat, teral, wool hat, straw hat.

By style, there are beret, cap, youth cap, shawl hat, baseball cap, custom cap, sports cap, seamless women hat, longjiang hat, Peking hat, Shanxi hat, cotton ear cap, aniseed hat, watermelon hat, tiger head hat. golf cap, trucker cap, functional cap, led cap, fitted cap, Advertising cap

Caps sizes are measured by the head girth. Local sizes are from 46, children hats are 46-56, adult caps are from 55-60, extra huge caps are those sizes bigger than 60. The size is increased by 1 cm. For some guys , they thought other ways to know cap styles .

The cap quality is usually decided by specification, scupty, use out, workmanship.
Detailed speaking, the specification and size should meet the standard request, the sculpt should beautiful and in good taste, the structure should be reasonable, different parts should be symmetry and concerted, the material should meet the target.

For solid color cap the color should be the same in different parts, multi-color caps should has harmony color of different parts; no wrong crossing and detection on longitude and woof yarn; no obvious blemish in fabric; the wool should be in order on leather side without falling and moth-eaten; accessory should be complete.

The cap peak should be hard. Each part of cap should be in good workmanship by in order sewing, reasonable color matching in fabric, no open thread, loose thread and discontinuous noodle. The sewing part should catch the crown and peak very well. More details of all parts of cap, please click here cap structure to see more.

For Knitted hat, the surface of hat must be smooth, the elastic should be in one standard and the flower pattern also be good order. For snow hat, the cotton inside should be placed shapely, the sewing thread should be tight and average distance. The print or embroidery of hat should be off center and beautiful, no shrink or bad shape.

The iron should be flat and in good looking, no shrink on the buckram. The overall looking of cap should be clean, no besmirch, folded mark or broken part.

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