2 famous cap brands in the world: NY baseball caps, New era caps.


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What is NY brand cap? NY is the famous hall of famer referred to a baseball team in New York, the yankees baseball cap. Brand is a Yankee. Mainly is the cap is very popular in the hiphop singer, popular, there must be some expensive cheap, authentic NY baseball cap will cost several hundred yuan.


New York Yankees (New York Yankees, abbreviated NYY), in major league baseball is belonging to one of the baseball team of the American league east, the home is located in New York's Bronx district. New York yankees baseball team has been 100 years of history, the team in 39 major league baseball league won 26 times. In the United States of all the professional baseball team, the yankees is the only player to appear in every position were elected to the baseball hall of fame, with Manchester united of the English premier league club is considered to be one of the world's most famous sports club.

New Era  New Era cap


The headdress of the New Era is a leading global designer, developer and manufacturer, is a 86 - year - old global tire company, annual production of 25 million pieces of authorized and unauthorized high-quality fashion accessories. It is a Major League Baseball (Major economic Baseball) official baseball cap only, manufacturer and distributor of New Era also won the National Basketball Association (also), the United States Hockey League (National Hockey economic), and College - Bowl Games and National Championships and Little economic empowerment. The New Era are also introduced in 2005 EK by New Era brand the only all of us. New Era, founded in 1920, is a private company, headquartered in New york Derby and branch offices in Canada, Europe and Japan. The company has more than 1500 employees, is A Fair Labor Association (Fair Labor Association members of A category).

A New Era for the United States is a well-known cap brand, in addition to the production of the NBA (NBA), American professional soccer ball cap (NFL), the most popular is the major league baseball (MLB) cap series. Along with the many hip-hop stars, film and television celebrities wear New Era baseball caps, New Era cap make sport category, especially like street culture and transport \ leisure people welcome, become the latest fashion wear stardard. In the hip-hop world inside one of the most popular cap is NEW ERA CAP. It is called, New Era is the best quality and design the best professional baseball cap brand in the world . Its slogan is "It 's not a cap, It' s a flag!"


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