10 top cap brands in China


What's hot cap brands in China now? below brands are. these cap brands in China main land are the hottest caps nowadays. there are Chinese cap brands, also include some world famous brands ( branches).


Why say it is cap ten major brands edition that say that because the cap ten major brand know with which organization assert as the standard really. 4 more authoritative ranks that 4 following editions are collected in the network by the cap show, hope to have a little help to friend who wants to understand. The concrete rank basis may have nothing in common with each other, some may be ten major brands of Chinese cap, some may be the world ten major brands cap.


1,Beautiful China LH - -(Established in 1985, China's famous trade mark, the famous trade mark of Hebei, made the large-scale conglomerate of cap trade, beautiful cap Corporation (Group) made in China of Hebei)


2,Red day - -(At 1993,it specialize in trilby hat wool world / felt hat embryo enterprises leading, extremely competitive, Limited Company of the industry of red day of Henan)


3,Sheng XiFu - -(Firstly appeared in 1911, China's time-honored brand, international famous brand, the specialized one made the brand enterprises of caps, hold cap industry's limited company of good fortune of tin in Beijing)


4,Adidas Adidas - -(Created it in USA 1948, global and leading large-scale sports goods manufacturers, world-famous sports activity brand, Adidas (China) Limited company)


5,Rich cypress favourable Burberry - -(In British 1856, Britain's top brand, ten big hat brands, world-famous luxury goods brand, profit of rich cypress (Shanghai) Trade Co., Ltd)


6,Love the horse the bodyguard Hermes - -(In 1837, the top luxury goods brand of the world, ten major brands of the cap, enjoyed extremely high reputation in industry, France loves Ma Shi (Hermes) International group)


7,Nike Nike - -(In American 1972, world-famous sports goods brand, one of the manufacturers of biggest sports goods in the world, large-scale transnational group, Nike's sports (China) Limited company)


8,Happy fox Arcticfox - -(The brand establishes ten big hat brands, the large-scale specialized company of cap-like cover of the outdoor exercises in European 1990, promise sports goods Co., Ltd. of the emperor full of trees in Shanghai)


9,Visit beautiful Germany bailide - -(China's famous trade mark, the famous trade mark of Zhejiang Province, Chinese famous recreation dress and dress accessories products brand, visit the beautiful Germany Corporation (Group))


10,Cover the uncut jade GAP - -(Over 40 brand history, lead the international fashionable brand of the trend, ten big hat brands, famous dress brand, cover the uncut jade (Shanghai) Commercial limited company)