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China cap factory teach you : How to judge a cap quality?


Cap factory about judging the cap quality, generally the quality of the cap from the aspects of specifications, shape, materials, make a few to show up. The following is a detailed analysis, as follows:

Specifically, the cap sizes should conform to the requirements of the standard; Materials and fabric should comply with the requirements.

The first kind, monochromatic cap all parts should be consistent color.

Second, each part of the design and color cap should be color coordination; The weft yarn error-free, deflection, fabric dollars obviously residual defects;

The third, leather face hair neatly, without dropping, bug eat by moth phenomenon; Accessory is complete; Brim has a certain hardness. Hat parts position should comply with the requirements, the suture and tidy, with reasonable cap fabric, cap colors, line, line and straight needle jumping phenomenon;

Fourth, attach cap mouth without obvious concave waist, attach eaves, stuck for; cap structure must be shaped.

Fifth, knit cap surface are not allowed to have concave convex uneven, elastic, decorative pattern is not neat;

Sixth, cotton padded cap in the cotton should be spread evenly, na line density appropriate;

In a word, ask China cap factory overall clean, no stains, no crease, without damage, etc.

More than six kinds of standards of our cap factory ,you will see your caps will make as best quality as possible and this good quality cap will keep it durable for long time and never out of shape. If contracted enchanting light recreational sense wool cap, modelling is sweet, easy collocation, wear, absolutely make you more stylish.


This 6 quality standards are just our basic stadards on cap producing in our factory, there are more standards on colors, fabric, products sewing, inspecting, packing ,ETC. We will give a introdution on next lesson.We are always focusing on quality control and be sure all the cap bulk from our cap factory are excellent.

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