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Printed baseball caps, 5 regular printings on baseball caps from our China printed baseball caps factory


Silk screen printed baseball cap

Silk screen printing is a more common way of Baseball cap printing, its operating process is simple, convenient, printed for many printing materials for printing on t-shirts. With printed materials, for example, water slurry printing, mucilage printing, bronzing, printing, flocking printing, etc. As screen printed baseball cap is a kind of normal printed baseball caps,so it can be offered by our China cap factory all the time.

Water- printed baseball cap

Water-printing: soluble in water, slurry itself is thin Printing, the printing paste by screen printing screen mesh uniform printing to printing, this pattern can be printed on t-shirts. Its characteristic is only print one color at a time, if you want to print the second color, you must wait for the color of the reentry after drying, no steam washing after printing; Advantage is that after you printed the fabric air permeability performance is good, as long as the field of printing is not large, feel soft, basic requirements is not too high in resolution, four color printing network can be done. The disadvantage is that: this kind of printing material is not suitable for printing on dark fabric. Need of special note: colour fastness to associated with the color depth of prints, the lighter color, better colour fastness, conversely. Also, Water printed baseball caps is normal printed baseball caps, so our China cap factory provide them all the time.

Glue printed baseball cap

Basic technology with water slurry printing, just dry material is used to set on the fabric of latex paint, a bit like the feeling of a patch on close to the skin. Its characteristic is only print one color at a time, if you want to print the second color must be in front of the color of the reentry after drying; Because mucilage is opaque, and it can be printed on dark fabric light color pattern, but its permeability is poor, not suitable for large area field pattern printing. For scattering flowers or line is not so rough design can reveal its excellent performance, currently on the market the most common used more mucilage printing T-shirt printing,Baseball cap printing. As Glue printed baseball cap is a kind of normal printed baseball caps,so it can be offered by our China cap factory all the time.

Foaming printed baseball cap

Baseball cap of foaming printing, also called stereoscopic printing, is on the basis of the rubber paste printing process. Its principle, it is in the mucilage printing paste to add a certain amount of mixture of high expansion coefficient of chemical substances, commonly known as foam slurry. Printing parts after low temperature curing, using 130-150 ℃ hot bubbles. Similar relief of three-dimensional effect, foam printing process visual do provide foaming customer specific requirements. The biggest advantages of foam printing printing process stereo sense is strong, the printing surface is outstanding, expansion, the printing process is widely used in all kinds of needle textile fabrics. As Foaming printed baseball cap is a kind of normal printed baseball caps,so it can be offered by our China cap factory.

Thermal transfer printing baseball cap

Thermal transfer belongs to the special printing in the printing, which we also called heat transferred printing.This method requires intermediate medium, that is, first to graphic printing to thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, again through the transfer printing equipment on the heat transfer the pattern to non-woven fabrics. Medium is commonly used in textile printing machine. Its advantage is: beautifully printed version, has the rich level, comparable with photos. Applicable to small area of color image printing. Defect is high prices, print

Thermal transfer figure:the cost is very high but the printing result is good. As Heat transfer printed baseball cap is a kind of normal printed baseball caps,so it can be offered by our China cap factory all the time,any inquiries on printed baseball caps are wellcome from our China cap factory.

Other special Printings on baseball caps, printed baseball caps from China cap factory


Transfer printed baseball cap ( heat transferred printing technique)

Use printing method first pigment printed on paper and transfer printing paper, then through high heat (in paper back pressure heating) transfer color to the fabric, generally used for chemical fiber fabrics, characterized by bright colors, levels and exquisite, designs made true, artistic quality is strong, but the process is only applicable to a synthetic fiber polyester, etc. Transfer printing process is simple, small investment, flexible production, popular in the market... But to be honest, the transfer printing and other types of printing contrast, the price is a little high, but there is a high class also,we can make transfer printed baseball caps well.

Discharge printed baseball cap ( Discharge printing)

(discharge) discharge print (discharge printing) choose not resistant to discharge paste with dye color, after drying, use detergent containing discharge agent or with resistance to discharge at the same time the design and color of the dye printing paste printing, post-processing, printed in ground are destroyed and the decolorization of dye, the color of the earth formed white or color pattern formed by the dye uptake of design and color. White or colour discharge say again.

we can make Discharge printed baseball caps well from our China caps factory.

Reduction printed baseball cap ( Reduction printing)

The process using mixed or blended fabric of different fibers, chemical corrosion resistance properties of differences by using printing method is applied to burn agent in local remove one of the fiber fabric, keep other fiber to form a translucent decorative pattern. Also called burn or burnt-out printing. we can make Reduction printed baseball caps well from our China caps factory.

Knit printed baseball cap ( knit printing)

Local applied using the method of printing on the fabric can make chemical fiber expansion or contraction, through proper treatment, make the printing area fiber and the printing area produces expansion or contraction of the difference, to gain regular concave and convex surface pattern of the product. Such as using caustic soda as bulking agent of printed cotton seersucker. Also called concave and convex printing, for sure, we can make Knit printed baseball caps well from our China caps factory.

Flat screen printed baseball cap ( Flat screen printing)

Printing mold is fixed in the square frame with hollow out pattern of polyester or nylon mesh (flowers). Flower patterns on version can paste, no pattern in the closed mesh with polymer film layer. Printing, flowers edition press fabrics, flowers on paste, with a scraper reciprocating blowing pressure, make the paste through reach the surface of the fabric pattern. Flat screen printing production efficiency is low, but the wide adaptability, application of flexible, suitable for small batch production of many varieties. we can make Flat screen printed baseball caps well from our China caps factory.

Rotary screen printed baseball cap ( Rotary screen printing)

Printing mould is a hollow out pattern of cylinder nickel screen, according to certain order installation above the rubber guide belt loop, and rotation of synchronization with the conduction band. Input the network printing, printing ink, storage in the population, the cylinder with the conduction band turns, compression in the population of scraper with wire mesh in relative pressure, reach the surface of the fabric printing ink through the online pattern.

Rotary screen printing belongs to continuous processing, high production efficiency, the advantages of both peace drum screen printing, but the fine decorative pattern and printing color more degrees on, we still have some limitations. Remember: rotary screen printing color on color choice is to have some limitations. Rotary screen printed baseball caps is a kind of very good printed baseball caps.

The pigment printed baseball cap ( The pigment printing)

Also called pigment printing, because the paint is water soluble colouring matter, no affinity of the fibers, the shading must rely on film-forming polymer (adhesive) coating and the adhesion effect of the fiber is implemented. Pigment printing can be used for any fiber textile processing, printed on blended, interwoven fabric has more advantages, and the process is simple, widely chromatography, flower shape outline is clear, but feel bad, rubbing fastness is not high.

Pigment printed baseball caps avaliable from our China caps factory.

Zinco printed baseball cap ( Zinco printing)

Carved on the zinc plate blank pattern, on the fabric, coating color paste for the pattern of the printing method. This method is suitable for printing large flower or thick cloth, such as scarves, towels, etc. Zinco printed baseball cap is unnormal style, but if clients really needs, we still can offer this kind of printed baseball cap.

Rotary printed baseball cap ( Rotary printing)

With copper drum of engraved with concave decorative pattern on the fabric printing process method, also called TongGun printing. Cut the drum cylinder for short. Printing, to make the cylinder surface with paste, with a sharp and smooth the surface of the scraper will not cut cylinder part paste shaving, the concave pattern with paste. When the cylinder pressure print on fabric, printing ink is transferred to the decorative pattern on the fabric and print. Each cylinder seal a paste, such as more than on the printing equipment and equipped with cylinder, can be continuous printing color pattern. Rotary printed baseball caps are avaliable from our China cap factory.

Digital printed baseball cap ( Digital printing)

Digital printing, it is to use technology of digital printing. Digital printing technology is along with the continuous development of computer technology and gradually formed a set of machine, computer machine electronic information technology as one of the high-tech products, it first appeared in the mid - 1990 - s, the emergence of the technology and constantly improve, for textile dyeing and printing industry has brought a new concept, the principle and means, advanced production for textile printing and dyeing has brought an unprecedented development opportunity. Ditial printed baseball caps are normal printed baseball caps, we can offer them all the time.

Spray printed baseball cap ( Spray printing)

With containing liquid sprayer, through a sieve pore or type of the decorative pattern of paper carving empty place will dye solution spray to the fabric of a printing method. Also called spray printing. Developed in the 70 s with the computer program control spray printing, is made up of many combinations of jet intermittent out all kinds of dyeing, form all sorts of colorific design, mainly used for printing carpet. Spray printed baseball caps are avaliable from our China cap factory.

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