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There were many kinds of caps and hats , with different decoration of styles and different usage to distinguish, but the caps and hats that we usually wear but you probably didn't know what the different kinds of caps and hat's name exactly is ?


Below we will show the English names of the different types of caps and hats in details.


1, We have a introduction based upon different styles and different decoration brief : (here to explain) classification of wool cap, knitted hat, baseball cap, the sun cap, sun hat, a set of head cap, scarf cap, beret, newsboy cap, fisherman hat, soft hat, hat Sir, flat hat, locomotive cap, national cap, painter cap hat, there are so many caps and hats we showed here, do you know what kinds of cap and hat they exactly are? see below we have detailed introduction:


(Woolen cap) : hat is used mainly in autumn and winter to keep warm hat, the source of the name of wool hat because hat is the main material of wool knitted, so called hat, hat better material in the line is wool, wool heat preservation effect is very good, like many young friends.


(Knitted hat) : knitting hat is widely used in cold weather is suitable for all ages people to wear a hat. The cap made of wool, knitting, therefore knitted cap.


(Baseball cap) : Baseball cap originating in the United States, mainly because of the Baseball is very popular in the United States, can match with football, at that time most people run with such a hat, can plan is to keep out sunshine and purpose. With the development of The Times, slowly this hat has become a popular hat. Now there are so many baseball caps like kids baseball cap, women baseball cap, brushed baseball cap, washed baseball caps , etc.


(Peaked cap) : cap feature is crown and visor, commonly known as duck nozzle cap. Brim from two to four inches, width is different. Cap was originally hunters hunting hat, therefore, also known as hunting cap, because of its flat like a duck brim, therefore calls the cap. In spring and summer of this year, cap began, and fashion movement combined with wind, many designers when designing clothing series of a sports emotional appeal all like to use a cap to match.


(Sun helmet) : Sun hat means summer sunshade cap. Commonly used cloth, straw, plastic, etc. Hat has the cloudy day wind, sunshine shading function, is one of the men, women and children cannot little daily necessities.


(Sun hat) : Sun hat, made up of the peak and cap body, the peak for double or more than double, upper peak can be attached on the lower Sun visor, behind the peak has a vertical circular arc surface, circular arc surface has a horizontal plane crown, according to the needs, between the two layers of the peak to fill in the a layer of insulating layer, the crown of the horizontal plane, is equipped with install add-on plug hole, when using hollow cap body, cap clip with install add-on button hole. The present invention can give full play to the sun hat the peak of the shading effect, and can add the various logos.


(Sleeve cap) : set of head cap is quite tasty, personality avant-garde fashion breed of love.


(Turban cap) : fold into a narrow strip Buckle at the back of the head, then put on his hat, a turban edge. Or fold, like red scarf around the head, with the end pin buckle, fastening, put on his hat again, leak a headscarf edge


(Beret Hat) : a few soft berets, usually as some national army rangers, special forces and personnel sign of airborne troops. Beret is easy to fold, not afraid of extrusion, and the advantages of easy to carry, beautiful, also easy to coat a helmet. Marshal Montgomery's famous generals in the second world war is often wearing a beret, but also different with general and armored force two cap badge. Some countries are mainly on the color to distinguish between different units. The method has a definite requirements for beret. Beret only when wear suits, combat uniforms and work clothes to wear.


(Newsboy Cap) : it is said that "a long time ago," the paper child is wearing this hat, paper round to earn money from door to door. Now, from humble beginnings of newsboy cap became stars is new bestow favor on, especially in those days after reworking by CHANEL, hoods grabbing the fleeciness feeling slightly newsboy cap has a kind of rare elegance and nifty and unique temperament.


(Fisherman hat) : the Fisherman cap is a dome of fur hat, also known as soft hat, the origin of the Fisherman cap for better Fisherman hat when fishing, or fishing, then with the development of era, the Fisherman hat has become a popular trend.


(Soft cap) : Soft hat give a person a kind of neutral nifty feeling, very boy flavor, and low newsboy cap brim starched wrapped in appearance, Soft cap of the back of the head design, so in style, also can modify head type, know the tie-in tips, is, as it were, the lazy people deserve to act the role of a state a claim.


(Small hat) : general Small hat are inclined to wear well, it looks just like a little hat! Ha ha! Very cool. Suggest you go to QQ show mall have a look at the hat over there is what kind of, choosing the way of wearing a hat can match her hair yo ~.


(Top hat) : hat originated in Europe, is a more dignified dress, usually wear a suit is tie-in a hat can make themselves more dignified, more sleep wear hat in formal attempt.


(Jazz hat) : Jazz cap also called panama hat, country of origin is Ecuador. In the middle of the nineteenth century, panama is a main channel between the west bank of America and Europe, Ecuador businessman from road export straw hat to Europe. The straw hat very by those in the during the period of "gold hot", through the panama to the United States


(Flat top cap) : Flat hat series is a kind of high quality cotton, with wider brim hat, have your color, white, cream-colored color, etc. It is suitable for wear round and square, round face in order to make the face look less plump, can choose a longer hoods and asymmetric brim, so can increase the length of the face, is three-dimensional.


(Motorcycle helmet) : Motorcycle cap is designed in order to protect the safety of the Motorcycle and wear a hat.


(Painter cap) : Painter cap is suitable for thin shape face, can't be round. Or chin slightly sharp point, face smaller wear up will be more good-looking. Such as "pattern man" in the first episode of Simon, is that kind of hat, looks very nice.


2. We have under the brief introduction based upon different people who wears the caps and hats : man hat, ms hat, child hat, baby hat, lovers hat, hat, hat, the old man and what is the English name?


Man hat English name (Man hat) : is the general adult men wear a hat


Ms hat English name (Ms. Cap) : is the general adult woman wear a hat


The English names of the Children's hat (Children 's cap) : 3 years of age or older, Children under the age of 18 hat.

Baby hat English name (Baby hat) : baby hat is unknown, is the baby wearing the hat, Bernat and bear hat this word meaning, implied meaning is likely to be on the baby is very cute, like a little bear.


Couple of hat English name (The couple caps) : is The hat worn by The lovers in pairs.


The old hat English name (The old hat) : in The age of 55 with hat, this hat show is also a estimates.


Generally speaking, mainly there are several kinds as follows of common cap styles:

The cap with wide crown: Stretch out the large wide side that encloses outwards in the border of the cap, this one type cap is suitable for wearing while being out, can pick off the sunglasses on the shelf on the cap at the same time.

The small cap: Border of cap stretch out one ringlet outwards, sometimes it will adopt to extend design cap of ringlet this caps. This kind of cap is very handsome, can usually match with the windbreak or overcoat which set up the neck.

Duck's tongue type: Women are suitable for wearing this kind of cap, their hair can lean to on one side a little, revealed more hair on another. Another kind has peaks only, but the summer hat without crown is suitable for wearing while moving. This is also called sun visor.

Boy’s type young soft hat: Cap close to and also stick to head, crown make large associations of the radiating type from centre to the hat brim, until pumpkin carry, is suitable for tall and thin women, should lean to wear for a side, the hair of another side emerges.

Cap of Hemisphere type: This caps is most suitable general people use of stature, can in stick to cap position to add by the first platoon leader closely sometimes, some do a piece of turn-ups outwards, stick it on the cap brim, the long hair do is not suitable.

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