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Famous fashionable caps from our China cap factory

Wide brim straw hat


This kind of straw hat cap is with along wide and large, adding the flower of the ornamental cap, goodlooking and fashionable, certainly also have a sweet rural area style a bit. So that matched this kind of cap must be two pigtails pitched at will. No matter feature sweet or girl of atmosphere, will buy the correct cap by correct hairdo, and produced one and put down cordial sweet aesthetic feeling liked. The more key one is, SPF of this kind of cap is 100% oh!


Baseball Cap


If you have a spiral to curl the long hair greatly, then match an excellent ball cap! The sensation of movement of the excellent ball cap can take off too gentle and lovely woman's flavor, let you become more lively. No matter you to take place curly hair, like, blow hair very high bunch at ordinary times direct, the excellent ball cap is a good choice too, fluffy Yong ties up hair and always can reveal the sexuality of the little woman of some lazily.


Super widebrim sunny cap


It is soft, delicate and gentle and charming along the texture of the sun helmet to be oversize and wide, chanting lightly low and singing flavor of a woman that can not say. If wear such a cap in having head of a vertical beauty with long hair, the ones that give out are full of clean taste purely and beautifully.


 Rattan woven Fisherman's cap


Always there is rattan woven ware fisherman's cap-like cover of a different color and luster that bursts forth in the fashion world silently every season, so must not think it will be out of date. If you take place the end little long hair of air sense of one, should choose the cap of this kind of style. In addition, the short hair girl is suitable for wearing, before but wear the capping, should pitch a handle of one's own short hair.


Peaked cap


This seems to be forty or fifty times of last century have a trend symbol of gold content most, still walk crosswise in the fashion world wantonly now. Its magic power lies in, always improves the makings of any woman kind and approachable. So, if you always think that fall behind oneself, there is no harm in choosing popular peaked cap for one new season. The ones that deducted hit the long hair, restored ancient ways exquisitely and still took a little cool flavor, is most suitable for matching the peaked cap slightly inside. In addition, you of the lovely look, always keep neat Liu Hai, liked combing the pretty small fried dough twist pigtail, the peaked cap will decorate you to get cool flavor sheerly.


Restore ancient ways bowler hat


If you always like becoming slightly fluffy chignon one's own hair plate, want to wear the words of a cap suitable again, Great Britain's conditions and customs restore ancient ways the bowler hat can not merely meet your wishes, still can decorate your beauty.


Small straw hat


Comfortable small natural straw hat is the first-selection going out in summer. Like choosing hair color girl who dyes different colors, can wear this kind of cap scene and go out.


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