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Washed in the textile industry is a kind of technique that can increase the post-treatment of fabric softness, generally can also add other reagents in the wash, this can better improve the fabric hand feeling. Washed baseball cap is a kind of polular baseball cap that loved by many people.

Washed poision:

Potassium permanganate

Using potassium permanganate washed, often used in black white. After washing will be yellow precipitation, using oxalic acid removal.

Hydrogen peroxide

Industrial hydrogen peroxide 27.5% 27.5%. Storage should avoid direct sunlight. Bleaching effect is light, is commonly used in light color cowboy bleaching

Sodium hypochlorite

Too much easy to make the fabric physical weightlessness.

China baseball cap factory: Different washed baseball caps with various Washed methods:


Normal water washed baseball cap:(normal water washing)

The ordinary washing, by adding softener or detergent, make more soft and comfortable after washing.

According to the washing time and dosage of additives, can be divided into light, wash, wash and heavy garment wash.

Stone washed baseball cap:( Stone washing)

Stone wash namely in the wash water in a certain size of pumice, causes the pumice and clothes.

According to the different requirements of customers, can use the Yellowstone, baishi, AAA stone, artificial stone, such as rubber ball washing,

In order to achieve different effect of wash water, wash cloth after rendering gray, old feeling, clothes can be mild to severe damage.

Enzyme stone washed baseball cap: ( Enzyme washing )

Enzyme is a kind of cellulose enzyme, it can be in a certain PH and temperature, degradation effect on fiber structure,

To make the cloth can gently fade, tun hair (" peach skin "effect), and get a lasting soft effect.

If can replace STONE, STONE and or with stones and, often referred to as ENZYME STONE WASH (ENZYME STONE WASH).

Sand washed baseball cap: ( Sand washing)

Sand wash some more multi-purpose alkaline, oxidizing agent, make a fade after washing effect and Chen Jiugan,

If matched with stone mill, after washing cloth surface will produce a layer of soft cream white fluff, add some softening agent, thus can make the fabric soft, downy after washing, so as to improve the comfort of wearing. Sand washed baseball cap is very easy to control the quality compare with other washed caps, we china cap factory made them very regularly.

Chemical washed baseball cap:( Chemical washing)

Chemical cleaning is mainly through the use of alkali additives (NaOH, NaSiO3, etc.) to achieve the goal of fade.

After washing fabric have evident Chen Jiugan, add softener, can make baseball cap more soft and plump.

If add STONE in CHEMICAL washing, it is called a fossil STONE WASH (CHEMICAL),

Fossils have set chemical wash and stone wash effect, can enhance fade after wash and wear, in order to achieve an imitation of the old and the effect of pile, so that baseball cap has strong hand feeling.

Rinsed baseball cap: ( Rinse)

Rinse can be divided into oxygen bleaching and chlorine bleaching. Oxygen bleaching is the use of hydrogen peroxide oxidation under a certain PH value and temperature to destroy the dye structure, so as to achieve fade, whitening, the purpose of general floating cloth slightly red. Chlorine bleaching is the use of sodium hypochlorite oxidation to subvert the dye structure, so as to achieve the aim of fade. Chlorine bleaching the fading effect of straightforward, more than used for rinsing indigo blue denim. Athought this kind of washed baseball cap is very diffcult to control the quality, but we China cap factory still make this washed baseball caps to US and EU markets for years.

After bleaching on board, should with hypo clothings and residual chlorine in water are neutral, bleach to stop, after bleaching again for stone mill,Rinse the STONE WASH (BLEACH) is known as the STONE

Damaging washed baseball cap:( demage washing)

Clothing after dealing with the pumice polishing and additives, in some parts (bone, lead Angle, etc.) to produce a certain degree of damage.After washing clothes there will be more obvious. An effect of old and some part demaged baseball cap come out,this kind of man-made old baseball caps are very polular in these days.

Garment washed baseball cap:( Garment washing)

And put a silicone oil, is to keep the color bright, also have the effect of softening agent, put many will feel a bit sticky,

Is there in the wash water wash, dry spray silicone oil, resin, it is conducive to flat-fell seam bafflers. Usually on the grinding wheel grinding, and then atone washing, wash after certain Chen Jiugan, especially suitable for the bag cover,

Must be cat. The cat must place fold together, sandblasting spray, after wash is a cat whisker, handmade things want to control the size of the agreement, has the certain difficulty skill so prices will be higher than normal styles.

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