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embroidered baseball caps


We make high quality embroidery onto baseball caps!

embroidered baseball cap

See above our embroidered baseball cap logo made, and below ones are more complicated logo pictures, we still made it to reality very well, we make high class embroidered baseball caps!


More complicated logo pictures we still made it good!

embroidered baseball cap


China Embroidered baseball caps source and development


What is embroidery?

Embroidery is a needle and thread on the fabric the floorboard of all sorts of adornment design of needlework. There are 2 kinds of embroideries: Embroidery thread embroidery and feather embroidery. Is to use a needle to silk or other fiber, yarn with a certain pattern and color on the embroidered material puncture, embellished with embroidery stitch structure pattern of fabric. It is with needle and thread to add in any fabric to design and manufacture of a kind of art. Embroidery is one of the traditional Chinese folk arts and crafts, at least twenty-three thousand years of history in China. Chinese embroidery are suzhou embroidery, hunan embroidery, shu embroidery and yue embroidery four categories. Embroidery techniques include: wrong needle embroidery, embroidery, mesh embroidery, embroidered on the ground, lock wire, wire, kam, gold-worked, shadow of gold, gold shop, velvet, velvet scraping, poke yarn, sprinkle line, lace, etc., the purpose of the embroidery mainly includes the life and art deco, like clothing, bedding, table cloth, stage, art decoration.

Chinese Traditional Embroidery?

Embroidery, also known as the embroideried, also known as "embroidery". With needle embroidery threads (silk, velvet, line), according to the design of the pattern, on the fabric (silk, cotton and silk) compose operation, with embroidery stitches patterns or texts, is one of the excellent national traditional process in our country. Ancient "Zhi", "the needlework". After embroidery more for women, therefore, also known as "dare". According to hubei and hunan unearthed from the warring states period, han embroidery, level is very high. Tang and song dynasty embroidery needle well, color is rich, popular made calligraphy and painting, embroidery accessories, etc. When the Ming and qing dynasties of feudal dynasty palace embroidered on a big scale, folk embroidery also get further development, has made the suzhou embroidery, yue embroidery, xiang embroidery, shu embroidery, so-called "four famous embroideries". In addition there are Gu Xiu, Beijing embroidery, embroidery, embroidered part of shandong, fujian, mutuality, embroidery, han embroidery and MiaoXiu, each style, along the spread so far, the minibook. Embroidery stitch: qi needle, needle, acupuncture needles, length of the needle, needle dozen, gold-worked, poke, sand and so on dozens of colorful, each with its own characteristics. Embroidery USES include: clothing, singing and dancing or opera costumes, table cloth, pillow cases, cushion for leaning on of life commodity, screen, wall hanging display, etc.

Computer embroidery: China modern embroidery skills from our China cap factory.

With the development of computer technology, like paper, and like the compass, gunpowder and inflows from abroad in modern Chinese embroidery, is also in our Chinese traditional embroidery deduce out the concept, with professional computer embroidery software for computer programming method to design the pattern and needle order, eventually achieve the mass production of embroidery, computer embroidery, not only in comparison to the traditional hand-made embroidery perfect inheritance, and solved the problem that traditional hand embroidery can't complete the current situation of the large number of quantitative production. The computer embroidery preliminary understanding to here,Our embroidered baseball caps is using computer embroidery to make all kinds of patterns and them make the logo embroidered onto caps.

China emboridered baseball caps details, wholesale 6 panels embroidered baseball caps.

1Product Name: 6 panel or 5 panel customized designed embroidered baseball cap

2Shape: 5-panel or 6-panel Shape as customized 

3 Material/fabric: Cotton twill ,Acrylic, polyester, brushed heavy cotton twill,

Other material is available .( pigment dyed, Pearl Canvas, Polyester, Acrylic and etc)

4Back Closure options: plastic buckle Brass, Double Plastic,Velcro, Metal buckle,elastic OSFA & other closure

5Visor: Pre-curved visor Soft or Hard Pre-curved

6 Color options: On request of clients: Common color is available; Special one based on pantone card

7Size: standard adult size: 59cm ,Normally48cm-55cm for kids,56cm-60cm for adults

8 Logo Embroidery :embroidered baseball caps, embroidery etc.

9 MOQ: 500pcs/style/color 

10 Carton Size: 65cm*42cm*38cm

11 Packing: 25pcs/ polybag /inner box,8 inner boxes/carton,200pcs/carton

20"Container can contain 58,000pcs approximately

40"Container can contain 12,0000pcs approximately

40"High Container can contain 13,0000pcs approximately

12 Price Terms: FOB Shanghai Basic price depends on final caps'quantity & quality

13 Shipping Way: By sea ,by air or express

14 Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union

15 Sample time : 4~7 days after we receive your sample fee and also depends on difficutlties of sample

16 Sample fee: USD100 per style, including express charge toto your country, which will return back once order placement.

17 Delivery time: 15days after your confirmation to pre-production samples

18 Produciton time: 30-45days depends on order quantity.

China baseball cap


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