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Tips from China cap factory: How to select a cap to match your clothes?


Processing according to the data analysis, we found that started to buy a cap, with practical cap usage for the first principle, to choose as far as possible that can match a variety of colors of clothes.

The following two methods about hat and dress collocation, as follows:

1. Baseball caps look handsome young, tie-in t-shirts, jeans, be permeated with the youth breath, enter indoor comfortable into the bag, did not occupy a space. Of course! You can continue to wear, anti wear, is nifty and lovely! Get into the habit of wearing a hat can also reduce the uv rays, dark and anti-aging.

2. The flat cloth cap can do modelling, also can warm, very suitable for autumn/winter day. To travel abroad with it had better, have no time to do hair, as long as a hat looks very nice. The cane makes up straw hat, especially a brim hat, the most suitable for spring and summer day, make you look fresh and lovely, still but keep out the sun.

Our China cap factory remind: must be long standing on the ground before the mirror, from head to toe, to see that hat the effect on you.

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