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LV caps, Louis vuitton Caps and hats


LV is Called the LV Louis Vuitton (Chinese: Louis Vuitton), but the more familiar is Louis Vuitton appear constantly of capital letters combination LV. Louis Vuitton is French, and many of the LV fans oftenly had the wrong pronunciation. Many people know LV bags, LV suitcase, but few people know that LV has their own caps and has.


In 1854, Mr Louis Vuitton revolutionary was in design of the first Louis Vuitton flat leather suitcase, and to open the first Louis Vuitton store in Paris, has created the LV design first generation, since then, the pattern of capital letters combination LV has been the symbol of LV leather and lasted so far. But just like today, LV design soon be copied, since then, flat square suitcase then become a trend. From the early LV suitcase until now every year Paris T on the changing of the LV show, LV (Louis vuitton) always stands the top of the international fashion industry status, the real reason is that Louis vuitton has its own special brand "DNA".


First of all, LV (Louis vuitton) highly respect and cherish their own brand. Brand was not only by its founder Louis Vuitton name (Louis Vuitton), also inherited his pursuit of quality, the attitude of the best. From LV (Louis vuitton) of the second generation successor George vuitton, Louis vuitton's successors are constantly adding new connotation for the brand. Louis vuitton second generation race for brand with international vision and touch. Again, the third generation caston vuitton brought LV love art, pay attention to the characteristic of creativity and innovation. So far, six generations of LV (Louis vuitton) Louis vuitton brand later worked for the family. At the same time, not only is Louis vuitton family's posterity, even every one into the family of Louis vuitton designer and other staff also all must understand the LV (Louis vuitton) brand history, and in the heart of the work and the brand operation this unique LV culture.


LV (Louis vuitton) another recipe for success is valued customers to create a feeling of "family". Can you imagine LV (Louis vuitton) can provide permanent maintenance service for the customer? LV (Louis vuitton) brand products can by her grandmother to mother, mother to daughter again, can be handed down from generation to generation, whenever you put the LV products for repairing maintenance, LV stores are responsibility to all his best to help. Let a three generations can continue to have the product of a brand, this to a brand vitality the continuation of very significant meaning.

LV product line: leather products (including handbags, luggage, briefcase, etc.), senior fashion clothing, shoes, watches, jewelry, writing supplies and accessories

LV series: Louis vuitton Monogram service, LV Damier Louis vuitton Suhali sheep, LVcaps hats


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