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How a Cap factory produce caps


How Cap factory make caps? there are two ways, one method is the traditional producing , the other is now the production methods of science and technology.


Tell you the first is a traditional way: knitting producing. With ring first beginning, ten long needles into a circle, the circle to double needle, to start the third circle hook pattern, a long, a long hook needle, a needle, a hook in the long needle. The fourth lap in the third lap plus double, on the basis of this, a total of around eighty needle weaving and fifth ring with the fifth sha-lu hook method. With the fifth sixth circle hook method, have been hook, hook to the appropriate length. Next comes on, as it was used for a long needle hook outside a long needle method, and the fifth needle and a needle. And then in the yellow line hook out a small five-pointed star. Finally closing a pentagram with hat.

Note: the efficiency of this method is not high, but the quality is good, the production is not much, need much Labour.


For this problem, We China Caps Factory , developed a new method, that is to use advanced knitting machinery. Knitting machinery such as cotton, linen, silk, wool different fiber processed into textiles need process is not the same, and some are completely different, so also takes various machines, phyletic and various. Textile machinery are usually classified according to the production process, include: spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing equipment, sorting equipment, chemical fiber spinning equipment, silk reeling and non-woven fabric equipment.

Note: directly to save manpower, save time, high production quantity.

Traditional methods and modern advanced science and technology method, that is our cap factory focusing on great importance to the making process of the caps


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