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baseball cap


baseball cap


baseball cap


baseball cap


baseball cap


baseball cap


baseball cap


baseball cap


baseball cap


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Men baseball cap, China mens baseball cap, Wholesale mens baseball cap, custom men baseball caps

Today's baseball cap is no longer purely to keep out sunshine, dazzling baseball cap is to test whether a man keeping up with the trend of the standard or not. The summer of 2015 to now, ready to be more handsome male classmates? What brand of good-looking mens baseball cap, which mens baseball cap is fashionable?

How a men choose a baseball cap?


Duck tongue baseball cap suggest to buy NY baseball cap , namely the yankees baseball cap.

Motorcycle man should buy JEEP's baseball cap, that is fairly handsome.

Skating man shoud choose to buy a Nike ski baseball cap. Fashion guy should choose LV baseball cap.


Baseball cap has a function of sunshading, decoration, and protective effect of warming. So there are lots of mens baseball caps there, the choice also has exquisite. Firstly,a man,should, According to the face to choose appropriate baseball cap. Secondly,A man should choose a baseball cap according to his figure . Wearing a baseball cap just like wearing clothes, people should try to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. The form and color of baseball cap must matching your clothing, etc. Regarding Brands,you can refer to China 10 big cap brands online introduced , such as lihua LH mens baseball cap, red sun mens baseball cap, shengxifu mens baseball cap, Adidas mens baseball cap, Burberry mens baseball cap, Hermes mens baseball cap, Nike mens baseball caps, etc all of which are very good brand and you can take it as reference.

How a man choose a right cap for his face?

1. If you are the long face: A man with long face is suitable for relatively flat hat, the hat to stretch of both sides, so that we can effectively reduce the visual length of face. Narrow brim of hat to avoid by all means, be sure to wide forehead, so that we can give a person a kind of transverse tensile visual effect. This men are all suitable for flat eaves baseball cap, the driver cap, golf cap, etc.


2.If your face is square : A man with square face should choose a round and a radian hat. Be sure to avoid that kind of hat like magician or sorcerer's pointed hat .You can even slightly tilted his hat to break the rules rules that made sense.


3.If you are short in the face:

A man with short face, the face is quite wide. so these men must work hard at the height of the hat. Brim must be narrow, the cap must be high, narrow. Can back a bit wearing appropriately, next to slant a bit at the same time. Avoid by all means is a baseball cap, choose cap must also choose and brim hat is the height of the arch.


4.If you are a round face:

A man with round face, should choose medium height, full crown cap (there is no gap narrowed), is a founder of the hat and brim can become warped on both sides and don't wear the hat back forward.

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