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China t-shirts manufacturer

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5 Panels baseball Caps, China 5 panels Baseball Cap, Wholesale 5 panels Baseball Caps , Customized 5 panels baseball cap factory

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 kids baseball cap







 kids baseball cap


 kids baseball cap


 kids baseball cap


 kids baseball cap


 kids baseball cap


 kids baseball cap


 kids baseball cap




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We guarantee all the photos were taken by our real samples based.

5 Panels Baseball caps, China 5 Panels Baseball cap, Customized 5 panels baseball cap, wholesale 5 panels baseball cap from China Cap Factory.


What is 5 panels baseball cap?

5 panels baseball cap is the baseball cap that in addition to the brim, the cap body is made up of five pieces of patchwork, like the huf , forceful ,cac and other popular branded cap companies always have this styles of baseball caps.

5-panels Caps normally is having a lower profile , comparing with 6 ones, this will make the cap sitting on the head in a more natural way. These caps are welcome for casual wearers who do not want a normal cap shape on their heads. The depth of the cap crown is small and some guys with big head will find it too small to put it all on his head. It's really like a kind of low-profile cap and it's seen unnormal comparing with 6 panels, but will give you a very casual and relax feelings. That's why it's not confortable from 6 panles but still many people like to wearing it.

Another usage of 5 panels baseball cap is that, sometimes we need to make a large logo on the front of caps, both printing or embroidery, if the logo is too bigger than normal one, we have to make it 5- panels that the front 2 panels combined together, so that the logo applications will be good and stable.


China 5-panels baseball caps from our China cap factory.

Our China caps factory, is specialized in 5 panels baseball caps and espeially engaged in children's 5 panles baseball caps , is a sales of enterprises with research and development, production. Its predecessor is a professioanl process cap production plant, after ten years of development, now has a process mill and a cap factory production. Our 5-panels baseball caps were always exporting to many countires all over the world, especially in US and EU market.

China baseball cap


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