The Chinese like wearing the cap, also like wearing the cap for others. It is said, this is a kind of the quintessence of Chinese culture, there is long tradition. Through the ages, which the Chinese know, don't see other things, just see that cap on his head.

Chinese always like wearing " Officer's cap " . Ordinary people call that now " Red cap " . This cap is not easy to wear, grow it well , all of your guys get benefits, Does not wear well, you may bring you so many troubles.

Lens watching officer's door of costume play and wearing the cap. The cap on the desk put, walk close, pick up and will not form on the head when covering. But he, you see he bend low, act personally, walk up to cap in fear and trepidation, both hands are meticulous " Please " That cap arises, wear on the head tottering, straightening one's back subsequently, square one's shoulders, stride, it seems to change a person. This is total different from that UK cap culture.

I suddenly realized a metaphor, this may not be too respectful to those personages who valued officer's cap, explanation question that but can be very vivid. " tortoise's shell " ,I thought suddenly this officer's cap and it had places that was like very much. For example, can ward off the wind and cover the rain. What trouble such as happening - -Certainly, the victim of this trouble, needn't suspect, must be the ordinary people - -It is in he head while lasting shell, how it will be no matter you ordinary people suffer hardships, what kind of helpless nesses it is, how appeal for help. Treating it calm, when the sun just showed half a smiling face, he will change the position, stretch hair again, see what gold room can be had, face such as jade, flesh and blood of the people,etc. For example, it is not all very suitable that the general officer wears cap on the head again, mostly " The cap " Big " head " It is small. Reason have two, first this officer sign of cap, just as extend wing, pigeonhole, spend feather the tail in the back in both sides; Second, " head " The space saved, can put the using of the things!

Ordinary people certainly wear the yellow straw hat. You do not look down upon this straw hat, that each, every one, golden yellow, but gold bar, often have in officer's cap " The things " Stretch and is favored with several ones that leave.

" green cap " For others from the ancient capital. According to the Chinese statement, the wife is enticed by other men, or steal Chinese voluntarily, even if worn " Green cap " . This is a crying shame. " the Water Margin " military to the cuckold, also lose the life while being heavy. You know, our China's but great change, it is said, have already progressed to and given the wife to others, has worn " the green cap " by oneself Era. One chief in Tianmen of Hubei is in order to have a successful official career, do not contribute the own wife to this municipal original secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC a two rivers? Have two women officer steal Chinese, one steal than one's own officer heavy officer, one steal own subordinate. Also steal Chinese, " good reputation degree " in the society But different, the latter is criticized for sampling. The former steal than one's own officer loud man, this is a grade, not laughed one's head off? !
In addition there is black and courteous the hypocritical one, ignorant white filial piety cap,etc.,etc.. On one one commentary here.

There are many past masters who wear cap in our long history. Qin Hui is an outstanding one among them, he wears " unwarrantedly" for Yue Fei Cap. China like era to wear cap most, should be " the Cultural Revolution " of the middle of last century That ultra-Left years, you wear for me, I wear for you again, many people also wore the tall paper hat!
Cap culture really extensive and profound, hold by an essay. Want, want thre

e flavor more really, on in person, it, get social spring tide of life accept " cap culture " Baptism. However, I want to remind one sentence, must not wear the cap for others, should prevent being worn the cap by others Hey.