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Differ from China cap culture , In Britain, you can see a lot of social customs have relations with cap. If a man goes to visit his friend, he must take the cap first after entering the room. If you go to friends and family's place to attend a banquet, then you should not merely take off the cap while entering the restaurant, and on the chair that should hang the cap up or put nearby, but can't put the cap on the dining table. When meet the acquaintance in the street, if you are a woman, you can only nod with smile or say hello, exchange two sentences to that person, that is ok, but if you are a man, while meeting the woman acquaintance, the general situation will raise one's hat and salute.

This kind of custom, that raises one's hat and salutes, is also a important way of speech, in order to show the respectful custom and reflect in English language too. For example, English " hat in hand " this is a  idiom meaning of " Very respectful " , Another idiom " take one's hat off to(someone) " ,Mean literally " Take off one's own cap to somebody " ,Its amplification meaning is " Revere somebody " .

In addition, Britain have one getting black hat, named “abowler hat” in English (it is said, design by a business cap man called John Bowler in 1950 London), Rather popular among gentleman circle and businessman, and has already become the symbol of British man's social status. If someone wears a black and new " bowler hat " straight ,He can be thinking highly of, on the contrary, one wear very old " bowler " Person ,on knowing quilt look down upon to somebody. There is " bad hat " in English word, means " the bad fellow " ,What does it describe as very black in addition, say " like a black cap " (as black as a hat) ,Have some relations with such black hat presumably.

Rather an interesting one is, once there is one to stipulate British parliament: The Congressman can't wear the cap and enter the drawing room of the parliament, but must wear the cap while making a speech. So a lot of Congressman getting mere head enter parliament Room, wearing parliament a public cap that Room plan to make a speech. Then while arguing a certain question, can see a cap is passed by the person who is striving to make a speech. While fighting for fiercely, the cap flutters to transmit in the sky, in addition, whistle sound, sound of stamping one's foot, like to doing a kind of biography thing game not hitting the lot of instruments in real picture. The more fun one is, no matter the Congressman's head is big or small, can only wear that cap and carry the cap only, the result often causes and roars with laughter.

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