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Application of heat transferred print on baseball cap, for more printings, you can click here printed baseball caps to see more in our China cap factory.

Heat transferred print for cap, the size of the lower carriage should be correct, this is important. With the development of times, the cap is weeding out the old and bringing forth the new constantly too, at present, the size of the cap crown is smaller and smaller, such as the outdated cap with front of foamed plastics, the height that its cap is generally 3.5 to 4 inches, and six angels cap and five angles golf caps are now prevailing at present, the height that its cap is 3 inches.

Because cap styles are different, the height of caps are different, so, in order to meet the needs of printing of different and caps of different designs, most caps transferred print equipments have replaceable lower carriages, propose preparing the lower carriage of two or three different size for your choice.

Set the cap free on the hot lower carriage that transfers of the cap to the printing machine, the ones that took out in the cap prevented the sweat band from being brought, doing it in this way is mainly for offering a smooth surface of transformation.

It is transferred to the bottom which print the machine that most caps are hot, there is a spring device, can draw the cap together with its support down, notice: When printing six angels cap, strengthen the pressure of the spring, sew and open in the ones that will make the cap anterior slightly, make the printing ink shift and cover and sew the place in the cap evenly; When releasing the tension of the spring, sew, close in cap, but printing ink hide, live in cap sew the interval even.

Upon suggestion of experts, Set up the cap to transfer to the temperature printed on the plane according to guidance and suggestion for producing producer of printing ink, if adopt cold to strip printing ink, temperature it sets up to be 350 degrees generally then, if adopt hot strip printing ink, temperature it sets up to be 375 degrees generally then.

Print paper please be put front position of the cap, print, face, it downs to be and relative to meet with cap transferring to set up corresponding and suitable impression time on the timer, and compress tightly and transfer to and print the paper downwards with hot one, if adopt cold to strip, turn way of printing, generally establish time between 10- 15 seconds; If hot to strip to turn, print way type, establish time between 8- 12 seconds; Certainly, can to transfer to, print paper manufacturer consult relevant items too. If you would like to know more details about cap heat printing, just click it.

If adopt the way of hot strip transfer printing, should strip, turn, print paper at once after the course of tallying rotates to finish; But if adopt way of the cold to strip transfer print, transferring to, should cool then strip if transferring to, print first by paper (this exactly their original names:cold strip print. For more caps printing, please contact :