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Baseball cap in China


When baseball cap come into China?


Same with other countries, baseball cap enters into the earth of China together with the baseball game, From Chinese record they played the initially of baseball game, it is Chinese engineer Zhan Tianyou from aborad in 1877.



When American Yale University studies abroad (1877-1881) Organizing the Chinese baseball team, overseas Chinese and foreign student returning to the homeland from U.S.A., Japan later take the baseball back to the motherland. Gathered together the document institute to establish the baseball team in Beijing in 1895. 1907, Beijing remit document institute, coordinate to Tongzhou academy go on match. This is a baseball match initially of China. It begin 1913 from of, initiate Japan, 3 of Philippineses country the Far East sports meeting,the all previous to baseball match, China has sent the representative team to participate in many times. There is the baseball match in the sports meeting of China before establishing of the People's Republic of China, participants are mostly students. During Anti-Japanese War, Eighth Route Army, in the north of Shanxi Province, the Jin Dynasty

In 1952, there is a project of the baseball match at the first army-wide sports meet of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. In 1959, at the first National Games, the baseball was classified as the formal event, there are 23 provinces, the city team participates in, Beijing team wins the championship. In 1975, at the third National Games, the baseball match was travelling big and holding preliminary contest and final in Beijing respectively, the champion is Tianjin team. At the fourth National Games, had 14 provinces, the city team participated in the baseball match, the champion was Beijing team in 1979. Japan liked knowing the match that the baseball team of the university has visited China in September of 1975, China began the international association of the baseball. In August of 1976, Japanese law baseball team of policy university came to visit. The excellent softball association of China was established in 1979, every province, the branch is established successively too in the city. The baseball players at this moment is alike in real all taking

And the baseball cap entered life of the common people in China from then on, everybody has the right to take the baseball cap, ordinary common people have taken the baseball cap too, the baseball cap has been made into different designs too. That's period of baseball cap in China.

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