Popular caps in 2017 summers


Summer of 2017 would come soon, What 's most popular caps in 2017? Believe that all the people who likes cap, had already begun to pay close attention to the fashion trends and fashion trends of this year, the following cap network analyzes popular cap tendency in summer of 2015-2016 years for everybody.


The pullover cap becomes the mainstream. Had already begun to change the mainstream more and more like the cap of this kind of non-mainstream hip hop of the pullover cap in the past, the time that present young people accept the new things dares to try and accept any fresh things interesting fast, those our so-called non-mainstream thing had already begun the mainstream more and more in young people's eyes in the past, the pullover cap is very popular representatives.


The sun helmet is still liked deeply. The ones that are liked in summer the most are acted as by oneself still sunny cap. Such result and fashion since it acts as to be other cap incomparable in good taste feeling of it. But popular sun helmet trend must be style of that kind of large brim of a hat in 2014, perhaps still taking the silk scarf of quick and short steps for one day, with already beginning to become the fashion crowd's theme now naturally.


Fisherman's cap is selected bestly fully. Fisherman's cap was extremely popular in summer several years ago, with the development of trend trend now, what the person of fisherman Dai's cap changes stand up few, but this does not mean its lost popular color, among the less crowds some age, fisherman's cap is still their prevailing color.


Super widebrim sunny cap

It is soft, delicate and gentle and charming along the texture of the sun helmet to be oversize and wide, chanting lightly low and singing flavor of a woman that can not say. If wear such a cap in having head of a vertical beauty with long hair, the ones that give out are full of clean taste purely and beautifully.

Peaked cap

This seems to be forty or fifty times of last century have a trend symbol of gold content most, still walk crosswise in the fashion world wantonly now. Its magic power lies in, always improves the makings of any woman kind and approachable. So, if you always think that fall behind oneself, there is no harm in choosing popular peaked cap for one new season. The ones that deducted hit the long hair, restored ancient ways exquisitely and still took a little cool flavor, is most suitable for matching the peaked cap slightly inside. In addition, you of the lovely look, always keep neat Liu Hai, liked combing the pretty small fried dough twist pigtail, the peaked cap will decorate you to get cool flavor sheerly.


wide brim straw hat

This kind of straw hat cap is with along wide and large, adding the flower of the ornamental cap, goodlooking and fashionable, certainly also have a sweet rural area style a bit. So that matched this kind of cap must be two pigtails pitched at will. No matter feature sweet or girl of atmosphere, will buy the correct cap by correct hairdo, and produced one and put down cordial sweet aesthetic feeling liked. The more key one is, SPF of this kind of cap is 100% oh!


Will it be summer 2015-2017 year popular caps and other year with lie in people approval degree in fashion trend has already change a most heavy one, believe the fashion topic about cap in time afterwards and will also change if the element prevails. It was only the calm acceptance that waited for us.