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Distribution map of baseball cap factories in China


Since you probably had your baseball caps many times from China, but do you know where is the place to buy top quality baseball caps in China? Where is the right suitable quality cap for Middle level market and where is the promotional one?

Hat is a small industry, comparing to the whole softline industry, but when you are actually coming into this field, you'll find that in fact the inside of the water is deep, actually it is difficult to distinguish between all the cap and hat factories, because each different hat classification has some category of their own leaders. Baseball cap factories firstly located in cities near by Shanghai, including shanghai’s. We, China cap factory, is one of leading baseball cap factories, over 15 years. Simple points out in the class, baseball cap factory generally is the comparison of the Yangtze river delta region, which is close to Shanghai, one of China's largest export port, and shipping transportation is convenient, which make this places advantageous geographical position, so the hat factories here are always long-term prosperity in this region.
General finalize the design production of wool cap, MAO embryo mainly were produced from Inner Mongolia erdos mostly, but still has a wide distribution in the country like jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong provinces still make this kind of hats.

Another place that gathering baseball cap factories is region of pearl River Delta, with the center of GuangDong province in China. Baseball caps made by Guangdong province are still good, to an extent. But generally speaking, the quality is not as stable as that made by Yangtze river delta region. It’s close to HongKong and many dealers there just focus on export business running, so quality there were irregular and uneven order by order, sometimes you will find some of them were easy to out of control on quality as the business guys there were always putting more focus on “ running business soon and earning money” .So it really depends. As you know, many poor quality caps like “promotional caps, electing caps” mainly made by there, when the quantity is large, price is cheap, but, quality is not good as well.

As a professional baseball cap expert over 15 years, we truly would tell you and confirm that if you care more about combination of quality-price, wants a good cost performance on your baseball caps , Cap factories near by Yangtze river delta region are the best choices for you. Baseball caps produced there are always good quality while pricing is reasonable. Many professional US and EU clients produced and imported their baseball caps there if they exported from China many years, finally it will become the last option when they were searching all around in China caps manufacturers. Majority of them become best-sellers here. But if you do not care bout price at all but always require quality, top quality baseball cap, you will ask “ where is the top quality baseball cap manufacturing?” The answer with no doubts:  in Shanghai!  

All famous cap and hat brands like NY, Disney , LV,  New era , top quality cap were made in Shanghai baseball cap factories. But, for sure, their prices are high as well !



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