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How to mark care label on a cap?


The label for caps,cloth and accessories must mark the wash method or dry wash method.
If a product could be both washed and dry washed, then only either of them should be indicated.
If a product could not be washed either dry washed, then must indicates in the label as “No wash, no dry wash”.

A care label content normally includes the following,
1. Machine wash/hand wash/dry wash.
2. How to Bleach
3. How to dry
4. How to iron
5. Warning message
6. Dry wash.


1. Wash

The label must indicates hand wash or machine wash. If the product could be broken by hot water wash, a temperature should be marked in the label.


2. Bleach

If all bleacher could be used rapidly without damage to the product, then no need to indicate bleach information.
If only bleacher with chorine could damage the product, then must indicated BLEACH WITH OUT CHORINE.
If all bleacher could damage the cloth, must mark NO BLEACH.

3. Dry

Machine dry or the other ways to dry must be indicated in the label. Only when using high temperature machine could damage the cloth, a temperature must be marked in the label


4. Iron

If often iron is needed, the iron method must be marked in the label.
If no damage on product even rapidly use on high temperature iron, no need to mark tempreture.


5. Warning message

For example, “wash separately with the other cloth”, “Clear water full should be used after washing clean, cannot twist wring in case filar detailed displacement, silken face is corrugate.


6. Dry wash

If all impregnant could be used, then no need to mention.
If one or most impregnant would break the product, a safe impregnant must be used in the label.

There is an example of the care label,
Hand wash
Cold only
No bleach
Tumble Dry