People have been very crazy about this kind of accessories coming to the surface of the cap very much all the time. It is said in the west at the beginning of the 20th century, if women do not wear the cap like declaring "I am a woman not decent” to people .The cap is not only the fashion, but the symbol of the identity position. It browse the histories of the caps developments, whose name is from initially to be the wide style, get flowers, sample bird, fruit basket - -Something is all right up " Pile " ,The cap is developed to the high altitude, but not take the least important seat at a square table to present.

In 1917, the bell cap came out, this kind of brim of a hat blocked the design of an eye, fashionable for a time, all the time domination has just presented so-called " begin from the eyebrow fashionably " by 1920 Say.

Having reached 1930s, surrealism and cap are pestered together, the scarf type hat, triangular cap, even shoes overturn, put in to overstate, design top of the head, at that time prevailing style all.

During World War II, because the goods and materials were poor, the style of the cap was tended to practically and lacking the intention, but by 1947, " new image " which Dior's talented well-known writer succeeds in development Fashionable and serial and let " The lines of corolla " ,Sketch the contours of and gain the name based on a upward flower, detailed waist very full skirt add one lamp shade type wide cap become the time most classical having attire that sampling.

" new image " Appearance of model, make wide eaves soft side cap peace of hard cap prevail once again, material to make cap appear artificial silk, taffeta, flannel too, and gorgeous feather.

Appearance of Lin, Jack of wife, of Kennedy, former president of American, make boundless flat of little tube shape cap become fashion pet for the fifties, and then, the cap with veils and fabric linings is under a whiff of upsurge of missing old times or old friends, also voguish.

However, the necessity of culture declines gradually, the ornament that the cap just used while becoming the formal occasion or having actual needs quickly, the dominant status has gone for ever, only minority look like British queen dowager and princess Diana, been deeply in love with cap all the time.

Who expects, the celebrity's appeal of " four weddings and a funeral " of the film has promoted the atmosphere of caps of wearing, in addition, such as Stephen Jones and PhilipTreacy boannet design appearance of master, take cap back to the stage of the fashion even