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The cap has function of sun shading, being ornamental, increasing temperature and protecting slowly etc, so the styles is numerous, it is exquisite to choose to also have.

Should follow the feature and choose the cap suitable first. People's face type with the proper method mainly of feature (mast face ) , round type (Round face ) With the sharp type (Sharp face ) Three kinds .

The round face is worn the round-top cap, the face is large, the cap is small that seem, more suitable such as wearing the spacious peaked hat. People with sharp of face wear peaked cap seem face heavy to lay light, show very thin even more. So it is more suitable to wear the round-top hat, it is more suitable that the person with mast face wears all caps.

Secondly we should choose the cap according to one's own stature. The cap of tall person should be large not small, the heavy feeling of a long foot with a big head of people that otherwise give. The person with short body is on the opposite. Tall woman is unsuitable to wear high tube cap, otherwise it tends to give people " L And " R Have grown tall. Short young lady is unsuitable to wear flat of wide eaves cap, will seem stature to be short.  It is the same as wearing the clothes as wear the cap, should try hard to maximize favorable factors and minimize un favorable ones, no only even if worn and is satisfied by oneself, and also make people see define. All the colors of the cap, must match a complete set with clothes, muffler, gloves and shoes, etc. The ladies who wear glasses, don't wear the cap with the complicated ornamental design of surface, should not cover the cap the forehead, the cap should be a little higher, can show your graceful poise and graceful makings in this way.

For men’s caps, Cap size is the cm of your fingers, so it is very convenient to choose. But consider some caps should shrink after being washed, so should be slightly a bit bigger while buying.

The general adult man's cap size is 55- 56th, the bonnet is 50- 55th, baby's cap is 42- 46., adult women hat ,sun visor and sports cap divide into only 1- 3 three kinds . The knitting hat does not divide the size, it can deal with flexibly, some calculate with weight - gram.

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