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China cap : Different colors' meanings for caps.


Different colors are representing different meanings for caps. How to choose a suitable colors for your cap? below is experiences from our China cap factory.


Infiltration in the green yellow to yellowish green, it is pure, young; Infiltration for the turquoise blue green, which is comely, magnanimous. Green, ash is a kind of halcyon, gentle color, like forest in the evening or morning fog in the field. Variegated dark green and light green to match with a feeling of harmony and peace; Green with white match, appear very young; Light green and black are suitable, appear beautiful, generous. Green with pale red to match, a symbol of the arrival of spring. But not dark green and dark red and purple are suitable, it will have the feeling of mixed and disorderly, impurity.

Blue is broad and colour, the sky and the sea this vast scenery is blue. Blue is the symbol of eternity, it is the most cold colors. Pure blue show a beautiful, gentle and quiet, reason, peace and clean.

Brown is often used to show the simple sense of material, such as hemp, wood, bamboo, cork and similar materials, or to convey some drinks the colour and lustre of the flavor of raw materials, such as coffee, tea, wheat and barley, etc., or to emphasize classical elegant style of enterprise or product image.

The popularity of silver grey is the product of modern civilization city, efficiency, healthy, positive, enthusiasm is blended in among them. Plain in show thick silver grey, from the noisy world can also be returned to the master of the family, reply as soon as possible, peace of mind.

White has advanced, the image of science and technology, usually need to be used and other colour is tie-in, pure white will give someone a cold, the feeling of serious, therefore, when using white, mixed some of the other colors, such as ivory white, rice white, milky white, white, apple in articles for daily use, clothing color, white is always popular main color, can match and any color.

Black has noble, steady heavy, the image of science and technology, many coloring technology products, such as TV, sports car, camera, audio, the colour of the instrument, mostly use black, among other things, black solemn image, space design is also commonly used in some special occasions, articles for daily use and dress design mostly use black to shape the image of the noble, is also a kind of always popular main color, suitable for collocation and many colors.

Gray with a soft, elegant image, and belongs to middle character, men and women all can accept, so the gray is always popular main color, in many high-tech products, and metal materials, in particular, almost always use grey to convey senior, the image of science and technology, using gray, mostly use combination of different levels change or he with other colour, does not have a single, boring, and inflexible, rigid feeling.

We, Chin cap factory have especially study on cap to color analysis, as a reference for you.

for more details, pls contact us. China Cap

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