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China t-shirts manufacturer

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Function of the caps :

People's head is the site of the brain nerve center . The head is a center of all male genital. Though the skin of the head is thin, blood vessel and blood hole on the human body are so many and thick, so, internal heat often evaporate outside from heads in a large amount. Relevant to study research indicate human body temperature about 1/ 3 heat send out from the head when the degree is about l5C; when the temperature is about 4C, about 1/ 2 of the heat of the human body distributes from the head; And when the temperature is about l0C below zero, 3/ 4 of the human heat " runs away " from the head. Therefore the relation between the head and human thermal balance is very important. If one just wore several more garments, and don’t wear the cap, that is just like hot water in a bottle without head, the steam will be " exported " outwards continually.
It can not only be cold-proof to wear the cap in severe winter, but also can avoid that such as chill cold, coughs, has a headache, the facial nerve paralysis diseases take place.

First, help to keep hot.
The head of the human body needs the cold-proof very much, so need the cap to keep warm even more. The material of the cap in winter, can be knitting wool, woollen goods, or the down coat that connected with the clothing, anyway the texture should be a little thicker, so the cold-proof result is better.

Second, good to health care.
suffering from cold, cause brain blood vessel shrink unavoidably, light to can feel giddy, have a headache, heavy and will meet accident.


Third, esthetic function .
If choose of beauty, fashion and some caps. A head wear a cap will be beautified!

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