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New Era is a global leading famous Baseball caps designer, developer and manufacturer, is a company with history of 86 years, only the main manufacturer and distributor of the official baseball cap, who produce 25 million authorizing and non- authorized high-quality fashion ornaments for big alliance of American professional baseball (Major League Baseball) every year, also got the basketball association of the whole America (National Basketball Association) , American ice hockey alliance (National Hockey League) ,And College -- Mandate of Bowl Games and National Championships and Little League. New Era is the only owner of EK brand put out in 2005 too. New Era was established in 1920, was a New York corporation and had subsections in Canada, Europe and Japan. This company has more than 1,500 staffs, is one of the famous companies in the world.


The most popularity in HIP-HOP circle is surely NEW ERA CAP. Easy claims it is best designing and best professional excellent quality base ball cap in the world. Propagate it by slogan as” This is not an ordinary cap, this is a flag! ”. Tell a high one should BLACK OUT that put out all dark style most in popularity, NYC of New York, now such as NEW ERA CAP, there are actors to wear NEW ERA CAP in almost all the American hip-hop video show in recent years. NEW ERA CAP enter into the Chinese market in 2004, took the latest trend concept to us. We confident that we , China cap factory, our technology and skills of producing this China baseball cap, can reach to standard of this New Era baseball caps and had offered wholesale baseball caps supplies to US New Era distributors for many years.

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